Add static content to footer Magento2

  1. Go to Content -> Blocks
  2. Create a new block (button: Add New Block)
    • Enable: Yes
    • Block Title: Footer Links Block
    • Identifier: footer_links_block
    • Store view: whatever is appropriate for your installation
    • Content: just put some content here
  3. Save
  4. Go to Content -> Widgets
  5. Create a new widget (button: Add Widget)
    • Type: CMS Static Block
    • Design Theme: Your theme
  6. Click Continue
  7. Configure Storefront Properties
    • Widget Title: Footer Links
    • Assign to Store Views: whatever is appropriate for your installation
  8. Click Add Layout Update
  9. Display on: All Pages
  10. Container: CMS Footer Links
  11. Click on the Widget Options tab
  12. Click on the button Select Block
  13. Select your block: Footer Links Block
  14. Click on Save (top right orange button)
  15. Refresh caches